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Thunder shook the tent.

Ben Tennyson sat bolt upright. His muddled mind slowly emerged from a dream.

A bad dream. And a good dream. All at once.

He looked to his left, noting his pretty cousin Gwen. It was her that caused this dream, and he had had enough.

He grabbed her shoulder, and quietly, aware of Kevin sleeping in his car (lover of camping that he was), shook it. She murmured, shifting in her sleep, and her blankets fell away to reveal her pink tank top.
He placed his mouth by her ear, and hissed. “GWEN!”

Gwen’s eye opened quickly, and they flashed in the dark of the tent that the two cousins shared. “Ben, what is it?” she murmured.

Ben looked at her angrily. “You know what,” he growled. “Stop sending me dreams, okay? We may have fucked ourselves silly at ten years old, but you don’t have to remind me.”

“Wait,” Gwen sat up, revealing her shapely form. “You had a dream too?”

Ben nodded. “So, we’re both having dreams about sex when we were little?”

It was Gwen’s turn to nod. “I guess, but…” she smirked, “your cock was pretty big.”

Ben’s anger returned. “What do you mean WAS? It still is!”

Gwen moved her hand over to her cousin’s boxer shorts. She felt his package, and Ben felt emotions stir within him.
“I guess it is still big… but I bet my breasts have grown more than your cock has!”

Ben shoved her down. “Look, fucking then was a mistake! I could have gotten you pregnant, or Grandpa could have found out-”

Gwen was pinned down by Ben’s strong arms on hers, but she managed to lean her head forward. “He didn’t. And now, we’re older, and…”

Ben shook his head. “Seriously-”

Gwen frowned. “Look, we’ve been having dreams about it! Let’s give each other some closure.” She licked her lips. “And plus, admit it, you want to fuck me so bad, thrust your big cock in my-”

Ben growled again. “Okay, I do! Ever since I found out how bad Julie is in bed…” he trailed off sadly.

Gwen smiled. “Then fuck me!” She kissed him, and he lay on her.

He pulled off her tank top, revealing two firm, perky, thick, sexy breasts. She slipped down his pants to reveal a cock thicker and longer than she remembered- which would go great in the shaven pussy that Ben had just revealed by pulling off the panties she slept in.

Ben entered into her without warning, and the beautiful red head gasped and wrapped her thighs around him, squeezing to let him know she wanted him, wanted him so bad, just to, just to…

“FUCK ME!” Gwen shouted.

Ben descended onto her grabbing her love handles and kissing her to cut off her exclamation.

“Be quieter or you’ll wake Kevin!” Ben whispered.

Gwen laughed. “He sleeps like a rock…”

Ben grinned. “Well, in that case…”

The two fucked in rhythm, Gwen wrapping her hands around Ben’s back and pulling him into her, her breasts pressing against his chest.

“AAAAH!” Gwen screamed a shrill cry, kissing Ben hard, forcefully, on the mouth.

Ben slipped his tongue inside her, and as they fucked themselves silly he had a flashback to when, as kids, she first asked him to fuck her.

“We’re stuck inside this hunk of metal until Grandpa gets back tomorrow,” she had said. “We’re hitting puberty. I’ve watched you admire my breasts, and sneak that peak of me in the shower naked.”

Ben had blushed, and she had pulled him close, looking at him lustfully. “And I SOOO want to have your cock in me… break my virginity, please Ben, I won’t disappoint you!”

And she hadn’t.

Not by a longshot.

Ben snapped back to the present, his mind reeling from the memory as Gwen, the teen hottie she had filled out to be, was orgasming on his erect cock, as it shot out load after load.

They slowed to a stop, cum filling Gwen, and she looked at him gratefully.

“Thanks for that,” she said, a smile filling her face. “Kevin’s cock is too thick. Believe me, I’ve tried.”

Ben arched an eyebrow. “Looks like we’ll be doing a lot of fucking, then.”

Gwen nodded, and smiled as his cock ejected a final load into her. “Looks like it.”

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I loved it